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How do I teach OneTake my custom vocabulary so that specific words are transcribed correctly?

Creating high-quality videos quickly is key to standing out in your field and growing your business. OneTake's A.I. provides state-of-the-art transcription that helps you do just that.
However, it may not always recognize certain words that are specific to your industry, or brand names that are not commonly used.

What is the transcription isn't perfect? or if you have words that are consistently misspelled?

Misspellings are annoying and we don't want you to waste time fixing those.

That's why we provide you with a setting on your Account Settings page called "Custom vocabulary".

Click here to access the Custom Vocabulary setting.

Any words that you enter in this field will be recognized better by our AI

This custom vocabulary setting allows you to list words you want to be accurately recognized, like brand names, your own name, or specialist words from your industry. To use this feature, simply type in the words you want to be recognized, separated by commas.


You only need to write the singular form of the word - for example, 'robot' - and don't need to write 'robot, robots'.
Numbers and special characters will be removed from the field.

Using the custom vocabulary setting helps OneTake better recognize the words you use on your videos, ensuring that the transcription is accurate and you don't have to go back each time to fix the sale misspelling. This helps you save time, as you don't have to manually correct any errors. It also allows your videos to be more professional, as you don't have to worry about mistakes that could give viewers the wrong impression.

By using OneTake, you can rest assured knowing that your videos are accurately transcribed, even if you use industry-specific vocabulary or brand names. With OneTake's powerful A.I., you can save time, present yourself as a professional, and grow your business faster.

Updated on: 14/09/2023

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