How to set CNAME for white branding / Deleting Onetake Logo ?

Adding to exporting the video in MP4 that will delete all Onetake branding , here is the white branding / Deleting Onetake logo steps if you want to use hosted videos :

First step : go to the branding page

Second step : set your Cname and your domaine you want to create

Step tree : after saving, onetake will show you credentials to put on your domain manager to coordonate

Step four : go to your Domain manager and add Cname, you can check the FAQ of your domain manager.

Hostinger :
Infomaniak :
Godaddy :
Dreamhost :
Hostgator :
For other hosts/domain managers please contact their support for more details.

Step Five :
while finishing, go back to the branding page please click on verify my domain, and you are done ! The logo will be deleted from the URL of the video.

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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