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I don't want a recurring subscription. Do you offer a Lifetime Deal (LTD)?

Many customers are looking for a way to access all the features of a product without having to commit to a recurring subscription.
OneTake is proud to offer a Lifetime Deal that provides customers with access to 300,000 credits that never expire as long as you log in, add, and edit videos each year.

An incredible 300,000 Credits!

Since we charge $0.10 per credit, the LifeTime Deal is worth $30,000 at least. But we charge a minuscule fraction of that for our Lifetime Deal.

These 300,000 credits can be used to upload, edit, download, export, and host hundreds of hours of videos.

With OneTake's LifeTime Deal, you don’t have to worry about a recurring subscription or any hidden charges. You can get the most out of OneTake and its features without having to worry about any extra costs.

You can access this LifeTime Deal here.

OneTake provides a wide range of features to make your video editing process as easy and efficient as possible. Our AI-driven technology allows you to edit and publish your videos in one click, so you can save time and show off your expertise to the world. You can also make use of our advanced video editing tools.

This means you can easily create and publish professional-looking videos without having to worry about cost or wasted time.

What happens if you disappear on us (why we still keep your videos up)

If you haven't logged in for a full year, we will try and reach you. You account will become "dormant" to prevent unauthorized access to your videos, but any videos that you've already edited and published will remain up and available for 2 years. During this dormant period, a monthly "preservation" token fee of 10% of the credit balance will be charged for maintaining the account alive and running.

As soon as you log back in, your account will become "active" again and the preservation fee stops being charged.
If you never log back in, we will freeze the account for 1 more year as we keep trying to reach out to you. Videos from frozen accounts are not publicly accessible, but we retain them so that you can still access them when you're back. So all you need is to log back in at least once (every 4 years!) to keep your videos up and running and keep your credits active.

Only at the end of four years of complete inactivity and silence on your part would the account be removed.

At OneTake, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best video editing experience. We want our customers to be able to create videos that showcase their expertise, help them build their brand, and reach more viewers. That’s why we are proud to offer a Lifetime Deal that provides you with access to 300,000 credits that never expire as long as you log in, add, and edit videos each year.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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