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Can I put my OneTake video in Clickfunnel,, Kajabi or other LMS / membership site ?

It's great to see you are interested in integrating your OneTake videos with other tools like Clickfunnel,, Kajabi, or other LMS/membership sites. This is a question we have received from clients who want to leverage the full potential of OneTake and utilize it on other platforms.

The good news is, with OneTake's integration feature, you can easily and seamlessly share your videos with your LMS or membership site. OneTake offers a wide range of integration options, making it easy for you to connect with the tools you already use. With this integration, you can expand your reach and further increase the monetization of your videos.

Whether you choose to use an LMS or membership site to host your videos, it's crucial to ensure that you are using a tool that not only supports the video format but also provides the necessary capabilities like live streaming, video analytics, user management, and payment processing. OneTake's integration with several LMS and membership tools makes it an excellent choice for creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to leverage the software's A.I. video editing features and share videos with their members through these platforms.

Furthermore, Connect now with Clickfunnel,, Kajabi, or other LMS/membership sites, and experience the power of producing high-quality videos with OneTake, in one click. This core value of OneTake's product is to make video editing as simple and efficient as possible, ultimately saving users time and enabling them to create unique and engaging content easily.

In summary, integrating OneTake videos with other software tools like Clickfunnel,, Kajabi, or LMS/Membership platforms is entirely possible through OneTake's various integration options. By doing so, you can easily share your videos with your members or users in a simple and efficient manner, leverage the power of A.I. powered video editing, and ultimately rise to the top with your engaging, seamless video content.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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