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I'm a podcaster or influencer. Can my customers or subscribers purchase or donate Credits to support me?

Yes, customers and subscribers can support you by purchasing or donating Credits.

As a podcaster or influencer, you want to be able to show your expertise and grow your audience. OneTake is the perfect tool for you to achieve this goal. It is an A.I. video editing software that allows you to edit and publish your videos in one click, so you can earn more, save time and showcase your knowledge.

OneTake provides you with a secure and easy way for your customers and subscribers to support you.

The process of allowing your customers to purchase or donate Credits is simple and secure :
All you need to do is provide them with the same email address associated with your Nuro account.
When they buy Credits, they can enter this email address in the "email" field, and the Credits will be directly credited to your account.
You don't have to worry about giving them access to your OneTake account or email inbox (don't ever share your password !!!), as the only information they need is to purchase under the name of Nothing more. (Please note that the person purchasing credits for your account will not receive a pro forma invoice in their own name).

By utilizing OneTake, you can receive support from your customers and subscribers in the form of Credits.

This will enable you to save time and money, as well as make your content more engaging and creative.
You can then use these Credits to purchase premium features, and be able to create more videos. This will help you to attract even more viewers to your content.

With OneTake, you can take your podcasting or influencing career to the next level.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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