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Can you upload a video with two persons or more in Zoom?

This is a common question that many OneTake customers have, particularly those who record their videos via web conferencing platforms like Zoom. It's a valid concern as having two speakers on the screen at the same time can sometimes present editing challenges and impact the overall quality of the video.

The good news is that, with OneTake's A.I. video editing software, you can certainly manage a video with two speakers with ease, provided that only one person is talking on the screen at a time.

Once you've uploaded your video into the OneTake editing interface, the software analyzes the video, and transcribe the person talking on the screen.

With OneTake, users can also choose to edit out unwanted sections of the video, such as noise or background conversations, to ensure the completed video is of the highest quality.

OneTake's A.I. video editing software is designed to make the video editing process faster and more accessible for creators, eliminating the need for costly editing software and time-consuming manual editing. By offering a one-click editing process, OneTake empowers users to polish their creativity and show their expertise to the world through social media platforms or any other medium.

In conclusion, while two speakers on the screen may pose some initial editing challenges, OneTake's advanced A.I. technology can help you seamlessly edit your video with two speakers with ease, provided only one person speaks at the same time. With its one-click editing process, OneTake can help users focus on creating high-quality, engaging content, enabling them to earn more, save time, and showcase their expertise to their audience.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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