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How do I change the design theme of an existing project?

If you're looking to give your existing project a new look, OneTake 's A.I. editing software makes it easy to do so at any stage. Whether you're editing or publishing the project, you can quickly and easily change the design theme to keep things fresh and engaging for your viewers.

To begin, go to the Settings screen of your project by clicking the Settings button at the top.

Where to locate the Settings button

You'll see two tabs.

First tab

The first tab allows you to change:

the Project's name, which is only visible to you and helps you find your way in the Project list once you'll have many videos
the Project's title, which will appear inside the video and be visible to your viewers
the Author's name, which will be shown in the video. (this field is optional)
the Project's description, which appears on the video player and on the Module page if you use the "direct link" feature,
the Project's language (this feature is coming soon)
whether or not Users can download the video notes (this feature is coming soon)

All the options in the first Settings tab

Second tab

On the second tab, you can change:

the background color for your Player
the background color that goes behind the text area of a Scene,
the text color and the title color
the color and symbol used for bullet points,
and the font!
You'll soon also be able to insert a logo that gets shown on the video itself, and on the Module page if you use the "direct link" feature.

All the options in the second Settings tab

Using OneTake 's A.I. editing software to quickly and easily customize the design theme of your existing project is a great way to save time, showcase your expertise to the world, and earn more. The simple, intuitive interface allows you to quickly give your project a new look, engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. Plus, with the "direct link" feature, you can easily share your project with the world so you can start monetizing your videos right away.

Updated on: 14/09/2023

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