Tutorial Advanced Editor

1 - Mode Presenter and Text : This will display the recorded video with the transcribed text that will show annimated on the right or the left
2 - Mode Presenter Only : This will display the recorded video only without the text, the vidéo will be desplayed fully
3 - Mode Text Only : This will display the transcribed text without the recorded video, this will be similar to a powerpoint mode
4 - Mode Title Only : This will display the title of the scene without any text or recorded video.
5 - Mode Presenter and title : This will display the recorded video with the title of the scene
6 - Upload a photography / image : this will upload a photography / image file that will be displayed with the text, to use it, you should put the cursor over a phrase and then select an image to be uploaded
7 - Title of project : Create a title of project
8 - Titre of scene : Create a title of scene
9 - Create a beggining of a phrase
10 - Button that moves the phrase backward
11 - Button that moves a phrase forward
12 - Download the Markdown script : the Markdown is the language scripting of the advanced editor.

- What is the advanced editor ?
The advanced editor is a Markdown script that give instructions to the software oneTake when the transcribed phrases need to be shown
Every title starts with ### , the rest of the phrases starts with a -
You can see that every line has a number, this number is an instruction to show the title or the phrase at a special time ( all times are listed down below the script )

- How can i edit my text ?
It's very easy to do it, you should click on any phrase and change the text you want, without deleting the rest of the tags

- How the system of the numbers works ?
it's easy, every phrase or title need to have a number, else Onetake may not show it, for that you can give an existing number or create a new number to a phrase or a title, all numbers are listed below and every number has his own timing

- How can i add a title ?

To add a title you can type at the begging of a new phrase this ### please do not forget to give the title a number .

- How can I add a phrase ?

To add a phrase you should start it with a - please do not forget to give the phrase a number .

- Can 2 phrases get the same number ?
Yes ! this is possible to give the same number to 2 or more phrases, so the system will show them all together, you can also give the same number to the title and the phrases that follow.

- How to Trim a part of a vidéo OneTake with Advanced Editor ?

CASE 1 : You want to trim a phrase you said on the video

You need to select on the advanced editor the phrase you said from - to the end and push the DEL Button of your keyboard, you should see < del> and < /del> shown on the screen like this exemple :

You're Done ! You just have to click on "Done" Button and your OneTake Video is now Trimmed .

CASE 2 : You want to trim something you don't want to show as a caugh, a sneeze, a blank silence, an external noise that was not deleted by the AI :

In this case, you should open the advanced editor, go down on the timestamp, add the start time and the end time that the software should trim from the original video, so minutes should be from the original video not from the OneTake Video as on this exemple, you need to give a number for each timing :

after that you need to go up on the text and add the Delete instructions like shown below :

You're Done ! You just have to click on "Done" Button and your OneTake Video is now Trimmed .

- How can I delete texte without deleting the video that goes with it

For that, you need to select the phrase you want to hide and make CTRL and X

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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